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about us

bymehshake was created by Mehreen, also known as mehshake. You can follow her here! 

Mehreen is a  part time blogger, and now also the proud owner of her own accessories line. She really wanted to create a place for the need of on-trend fashion pieces at affordable prices! Mehreen takes inspiration from current street style to high end pieces straight off the runway to deliver new must-have pieces for her lovely followers and customers. 

Bymehshake vets and partners with the top manufacturers to bring the most on trend fashion accessories! Bymehshake manufacturers are found all around the world. We couldn't just stick to one manufacturer, as we're always on the hunt for the newest, most popular pieces. We select our partners based on their expertise, and work directly with them. Our manufacturers are based in The Netherlands, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China & Korea. 

Bymehshake believes in fair pricing. Most brands in the industry have a mark up of about 10x the actual cost. Bymehshake wants to beat that traditional mark up and provide affordable fashionable pieces at the lowest possible price! 




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