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bymehshake | The Home of Affordable Jewellery

affordable jewellery

The Home of Affordable Jewellery

Welcome to bymehshake! Our owner, Mehreen (@mehshake) first founded us in hope to create a brand that allows jewellery addicts to find the best and most affordable jewellery online in one place. 

At bymehshake, we pride ourselves in finding the most unique and fashionable affordable jewellery on the market.  From initial necklaces, to pearl earrings and chain rings, we have a style for everyone.  Our affordable jewellery range is sent to you directly from our office based in London and sourced carefully by our owner to match style straight from the catwalk.

Affordable jewellery

All of our pieces are currently under £20, but still look extremely luxurious.  This price point is important to bymehshake as our founder was passionate about creating a range that was inclusive for all of her followers, this is why the jewellery prices are all affordable and accessible for everyone. Mehreen began blogging whilst she was at university, talking about her passions; jewellery, makeup, fashion and informing people about the best places to visit in London. Since she first began blogging her following has significantly grown and her brand has gone from strength to strength. It was in 2019 that she launched bymehshake as she knew that her followers were looking for affordable jewellery online, just like she was!

 How Does bymehshake Keep Jewellery So Affordable?

Our founder, Mehreen, carefully sources all products that are sold on bymehshake and always considers price point as well as style.  Another reason that the jewellery is so affordable is because of Mehreen’s loyal Instagram and YouTube followers, the less money that is spent on marketing, the easier it is to keep prices affordable! 

Where to Buy bymehshake Affordable Jewellery?

Take a look at bymehshake’s affordable jewellery range by clicking here, make sure you check back regularly as new styles are added every week!

affordable jewellery

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bymehshake has landed.

bymehshake has landed.

Pop Up Shop At 🏘 Notting Hill 🏘

Pop Up Shop At 🏘 Notting Hill 🏘

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