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monthly subscription box

 March monthly box: our CRATE monthly box. Worth up to £40, you will get a crate in the colour of...

 March monthly box: our CRATE monthly box. Worth up to £40, you will get a crate in the colour of your choice*, 2 jewellery pieces from a selected range (see style profile), and any scrunchie (or 2 no crease clips) on the site. Our mini folding crates are a super popular accessory which can be used in a number of ways! 

Once ordered, don’t forget to fill out your style profile below if you have preferences on what's in your box. You can also select 'surprise me' if you'd like to be surprised completely. CLICK HERE TO FILL OUT YOUR STYLE PROFILE!

In your March Box you will receive: 

  • 1 mini folding crate in a colour of your choice (colour is subject to availability)
  • 2 jewellery pieces from a huge selection, worth up to £9.99 each. 
  • any scrunchie on the site, or 2 no crease clips or wave no crease clips! 

If you have any questions feel free to DM us or email us at - read our subscription box FAQ here. 

If you subscribe today, you will be charged for the March box which will be shipped out as soon as you place the order, and your next payment will be on the 1st April for next Month's box! You can also do a one time purchase for £19.99, simply select that option on the drop down menu. Our subscription can be cancelled at any time, and there is no tie in! 

Order ASAP to reserve the items you'd like, as we run on a first come first serve basis for product choices.

*all items and shades subject to availability. Those items requested in the style profile will be subject to availability. 

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