Do I have to subscribe for a certain amount of time?

Absolutely not! You can cancel after your first subscription box. There is no minimum amount of time that you have to subscribe. 

How much is postage? 

We do not charge postage on any of our subscription boxes in the UK! Shipping is free when you spend over £13. For orders outside of the UK, shipping is £10, free when you spend over £30. 

Where is the style profile?

You can find the style profile here, and if you scroll down, the style profile will be found here always!

If I am a subscriber, am I allowed to fill out the style profile each month?

Absolutely! If you have any requests, fill out the style profile with your name if you have any specific requests for your new box. If you do not fill it out, we assume you want to be surprised!

When will I be charged?

You will be charged the day you place your order for the 1st subscription box. The next payment will be the 1st of every month, unless you have already placed your order for that specific month. 

How many items do you get in your subscription box?

This varies from month to month! However, information on what items and how many items in each monthly box will always be found on the monthly box page, here. 

Does my 25% off code apply to everything?

Yes! This is your unique code, so please do not share with anyone, but feel free to use to treat your friends. If we notice misuse of the code and your exclusive codes are used by others not under your name, we will inactivate the code. There is no limit on how many times the code can be used. 

If you unsubscribe, your exclusive 25% off discount code will be inactivated, sorry honeys! Subscribers only!

Free gift after every 3rd Subscription

This benefit starts from all boxes from 5th March 2021. As this is a new benefit, this will not be backdated, and all current subscribers must get their 3rd subscription to get a free gift. This can not be chosen and will be chosen as a surprise by team bymehshake! This also needs to be 3 boxes in a row, so if you pause your subscription, it resets! 

How do I get the Birthday Gift?

You will receive an email asking you to fill out your birthday! Please ensure this is filled out each month to receive your birthday gift. You will receive a birthday gift in your box for that month. For example, if your birthday is on the 15th November, you will get a birthday gift in your November monthly box! 

How do I shop exclusive items?

Every few weeks when we have some new in exclusives, we will send you an email of the new products you can shop! There will be images and prices for each one! You will reply directly to that email on what you would like to shop, before they are live on the site! Your 25% discount code will apply to these, what a benefit hey?! 

How does the 'refer a friend' scheme work and how do I get my £15 voucher?

If you refer a friend to 'subscribe' to our monthly box (not a one off purchase!) both of you will receive a £15 voucher after your friend's first box has been shipped! All they need to do is sign up and purchase their first box. 
They will then get a 'welcome to the monthly subscription box' email, and this email will have a link to fill out a little bit about themselves! It's the same email profile you filled out which will ask for your birthday (for your birthday gift!) 
There will be a section where you can write the name of the person who referred them and as long as they write your name, both of you will get a £15 voucher to spend on the site!! eeek! There is NO limit to this, so each time you refer a friend, you will get £15 to spend!
Have you got TikTok or Instagram? Why not write a little bit about it and earn some vouchers for your next purchase?