Luxury Lucky Gift Bundle

Luxury Lucky Gift Bundle

Sale price420 kr
Style:gold jewellery
Size:£30 (worth £60)

Crafted with luxury and sophistication, our Luxury Gift Bundle offers the perfect way to treat yourself or a special someone. With a £30 price tag, the bundle is a great value, containing personalized pieces with initial charms, star sign pendants, angel number jewelry, and more — worth a total of £60 (or more!) . Indulge in the luxury and elegance of this exquisite gift bundle.

Write in the personalisation section whether you want 

- an initial item, and which intial. 

- a star sign item, and which star sign in particular 

- a year item, and which year in particular 

- an angel number necklace, and which angel number in particular 

Example Boxes 

Luxury Lucky Bundle 1
Rachel would like to gift to her friend Alisha! Rachel chose a gold jewellery box and has left this in the customisation notes:
Hi! I would like to gift this bundle to my friend Alisha I'd love something in the initial A.  She's also a virgo and  her birth year is 2000 and she loves evil eyes, her favourite colour is pink if that helps! She also doesn't usually wear earrings. 
So we gifted her:
- an alphabet rope necklace worth £13.99
- a constellation ring worth £12.99 
- a year necklace worth £11.99 
- a gold pink evil eye ring worth £11.99 
- a pink heart tennis bracelet worth £11.99

Total Value of Box: £62.95
Rachel Paid £30!

Luxury Lucky Bundle 2
Catherine wants to gift herself a luxury lucky bundle in silver, because they're great value for money. She left us this note: 
Hey team! I would love an initial item with my boyfriends initial on it - his initial is R.  I love layering my necklaces and absolutely love earrings. I'm not so much a fan of star sign jewellery but LOVE angel numbers (pick me one!). I can't wait to see what you pick out for me! 
So we gifted her:
- a silver bubble letter in R worth £15.99
- a silver dainty pearl necklace (for the layering) worth £11.99 
- an angel number bracelet worth £11.99
- silver marquise ear huggies worth £12.99
- a matching angel number ring worth £10.99 

Total Value of Box: £63.95
Catherine Paid £30!

Our tip? Be as descriptive as possible in the customisation section and our team will accommodate wherever possible!

*please note we will accommodate wherever possible, but if the personalised item is out of stock, we will replace with another luxe item. 

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